About the Authors

Olga Kapellou, Nigel Kennea, Leigh Dyet, Elia Maalouf, Philip Duggan, Morenike Ajayi-Obe, James Boardman, Frances Cowan, A. David Edwards
Department of Paediatrics, Imperial College, Hammersmith Hospital, London, United Kingdom

Serena J Counsell, Leigh Dyet, Nadeem Saeed, Jo Hajnal, Joanna M Allsop, James Boardman, Mary A Rutherford, Frances Cowan, A. David Edwards
Division of Clinical Sciences, Imperial College, and MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Hammersmith Hospital, London, United Kingdom

Jaroslav Stark
Department of Mathematics, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom

Corresponding Author


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The authors have declared that no competing interests exist.

Author Contributions

ADE designed the study. NK, EM, PD, and MAO enrolled patients, obtained informed consent from parents, and collected MR image data. OK, MAO, and JMA quantified brain volume and surface area, using software created by NS. SJC and JH were involved with the pulse sequence development and optimisation. SJC and JMA acquired MR images used in this study. JS and ADE designed the mathematical model, carried out the statistical analysis, participated in fitting the data to the model, and contributed to the biomedical interpretation of the model results. MAR reviewed all MR images. FC was responsible for neurodevelopmental examinations, and LD collated the neurodevelopmental data. NK and LD collated clinical information for each infant. OK, SJC, NK, LD, JS, JH, JB, MAR, FC, and ADE contributed to writing the paper.