About the Authors

Margreet R Olthof, Petra Verhoef, Peter L Zock, Martijn B Katan
Wageningen Centre for Food Sciences and Division of Human Nutrition, Wageningen University, Wageningen, the Netherlands

Trinette van Vliet
TNO Quality of Life, Zeist, the Netherlands

Corresponding Author


Competing Interests

The Wageningen Centre for Food Sciences (WCFS) is an alliance of six industrial partners (AVEBE, Cosun, CSM, DSM, Unilever, and NZO) and four research organizations (Wageningen University and Research Centre, Maastricht University, NIZO Food Research, and TNO Quality of Life). Forty-seven percent of funding comes from the Dutch government, 29% from the industrial partners, and 24% from the research institutes. The partners have no say over the mode or content of publications resulting from work at WCFS but have the right to seek patent protection so that findings can be commercialized. MBK is a member of the editorial board of PLoS Medicine.

Author Contributions

MRO, TvV, PV, and MBK designed the study. MRO analyzed the data. MRO and TvV enrolled patients. MRO, TvV, PV, PLZ, and MBK contributed to writing the paper.