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RNA processing and plant ovule identity.

False colored SEM image of an Arabidopsis mutant fruit showing ovules transformed into flower organ-like structure (green) or finger-like protrusion (purple). A wild-type developing ovule appears in orange. Ovule identity is conferred by homeotic D-class genes SHATTERPROOF1 (SHP1), SHP2 and SEEDSTICK (STK), related to the MADS-domain gene AGAMOUS (AG). AG pre-mRNA maturation is regulated by RNA-binding protein-encoding genes collectively termed the HUA-PEP activity. SHP1, SHP2 and STK activity is dramatically reduced in severe hua-pep backgrounds. Prematurely terminated transcripts accumulate at the expense of functional transcripts, pointing to pre-mRNA processing misregulation as the origin of the ovule developmental defects. See Rodríguez-Cazorla et al.

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Image Credit: E. Rodríguez-Cazorla, A. Martínez-Laborda, A. Vera