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Early endosome dynamics in Drosophila immune cells.

Mutations in the gene OCRL are known to cause Lowe Syndrome, though it has remained unclear how loss of OCRL causes the diverse eye, kidney, and neurological symptoms suffered by patients. Here, Del Signore et al. show that in Drosophila, loss of OCRL causes activation of macrophage-like immune cells by disrupting late and recycling endosomal traffic, suggesting that neuroinflammation may be a cause of seizures in Lowe Syndrome patients. The image shows a color-coded time series projection of a four-minute timelapse movie of GFP-Rab5 in primary Drosophila immune cells. Multicolor tracks demonstrate motility of individual Rab5-positive endosomes. See Del Signore et al.

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Image Credit: Steven Del Signore, Brandeis University