Table of Contents: March 2007

The images illustrate the phenotypic spectrum, uncovered in one zebrafish strain, following partial inhibition of Hsp90. The frequency and range of severity observed after inbreeding suggests involvement of multiple genes and thresholds. The microphthalmia and anophthalmia are reminiscent of similar human malformations, often unilateral and without clear inheritance patterns (see see Yeyati et al., e43).

Image Credit: Photographs by Patricia L. Yeyati.

Research Articles

A Caenorhabditis elegans Wild Type Defies the Temperature–Size Rule Owing to a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in tra-3

Jan E Kammenga, Agnieszka Doroszuk, Joost A. G Riksen, Esther Hazendonk, Laurentiu Spiridon, Andrei-Jose Petrescu, Marcel Tijsterman, Ronald H. A Plasterk, Jaap Bakker

Deletion of Complement Factor H–Related Genes CFHR1 and CFHR3 Is Associated with Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

Peter F Zipfel, Matthew Edey, Stefan Heinen, Mihály Józsi, Heiko Richter, Joachim Misselwitz, Bernd Hoppe, Danny Routledge, Lisa Strain, Anne E Hughes, Judith A Goodship, Christoph Licht, Timothy H. J Goodship, Christine Skerka

Association between Common Variation in 120 Candidate Genes and Breast Cancer Risk

Paul D. P Pharoah, Jonathan Tyrer, Alison M Dunning, Douglas F Easton, Bruce A. J Ponder, SEARCH Investigators

Hsp90 Selectively Modulates Phenotype in Vertebrate Development

Patricia L Yeyati, Ruth M Bancewicz, John Maule, Veronica van Heyningen

The Molecular Basis of High-Altitude Adaptation in Deer Mice

Jay F Storz, Stephen J Sabatino, Federico G Hoffmann, Eben J Gering, Hideaki Moriyama, Nuno Ferrand, Bruno Monteiro, Michael W Nachman

Forward-Time Simulations of Human Populations with Complex Diseases

Bo Peng, Christopher I Amos, Marek Kimmel

Genome-Wide Linkage Analysis of Malaria Infection Intensity and Mild Disease

Christian Timmann, Jennifer A Evans, Inke R König, André Kleensang, Franz Rüschendorf, Julia Lenzen, Jürgen Sievertsen, Christian Becker, Yeetey Enuameh, Kingsley Osei Kwakye, Ernest Opoku, Edmund N. L Browne, Andreas Ziegler, Peter Nürnberg, Rolf D Horstmann