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Gene duplication and co-evolution of G1/S transcription factor specificity in fungi are essential for optimizing cell fitness

Fig 5

Regulon-specific promoter motif enrichment analysis.

(A) Known DNA-binding motifs for Swi4 and Mbp1 [24]. (B) Motif enrichment analyses relative to non-significant differentially expressed genes was performed with MEME-ChIP [25] on the 1000bp upstream regions of the genes from each of the rescued SBF-regulons and compared to known motifs for Swi4 and Mbp1 (JASPAR ID shown). Cumulative rescue plot shows Scer-specific genes in clear blue (not rescued by any chimera) followed by genes rescued by K.lactis Mbp1 DBD (green). C.albicans Mbp1 rescued regulon would be the subset in purple plus most of the genes previously rescued by K.lactis Mbp1 DBD (green) (see Fig 4).

Fig 5