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Differential paralog divergence modulates genome evolution across yeast species

Fig 5

S. cerevisiae x S. uvarum hybrid strains amplify S. cerevisiae SUL1.

A) Schematic illustrating how evolved strains were derived and analyzed by aCGH to generate neighboring copy number plot. B) Array CGH of evolved hybrid clone versus the parental S. cerevisiae/S. uvarum hybrid genome. Array data from S. cerevisiae (red dots) and S. uvarum (blue dots) are plotted according to the hybrid genome coordinates. Data support a copy number amplification of the SUL1 locus of the S. cerevisiae allele. Black lines indicate the segmentation-derived regions of average copy number. Segmentation defines a ~65kb region of chromosome II with a copy number estimation of 5. The region of the S. cerevisiae SUL1 gene is shaded red.

Fig 5