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Innate immunity mediated longevity and longevity induced by germ cell removal converge on the C-type lectin domain protein IRG-7

Fig 1

irg-7(zc6) mutation extends lifespan independently of UPR genes.

(A) Representative fluorescence micrographs (100-fold magnification) of day-1 adults harboring an integrated Phsp-4::gfp transgene. irg-7(zc6) mutants expressed higher levels of the Phsp-4::gfp than did wild type animals, predominantly in the posterior end of the intestine. Asterisks mark Student's T-test values of P<0.001 compared to wild-type fluorescence. 50 animals were analyzed per genotype. Error bars represent SE of 3 independent biological replicates. (B) The irg-7(zc6) mutation significantly extended the lifespan of otherwise wild-type, pek-1(ok275), atf-6(ok551) or ire-1(RNAi) animals. Mantel Cox P-value for the wild type vs. irg-7(zc6) single mutant comparison is in green. Mantel Cox P-value for the mutant vs. the mutant; irg-7(zc6) double mutant comparison is in black. Mean lifespan and P-values are indicated within each graph. See S1 Table for additional lifespan data.

Fig 1