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Genetic loci associated with coronary artery disease harbor evidence of selection and antagonistic pleiotropy

Fig 2

Quantitative links between coronary artery disease risk and selection signals in BCAS3.

A. Correlation between selection signals (iHS) and coronary artery disease (CAD) log odds genetic risk (log odds, ln(OR)), both represented as absolute values. Red line/upper right value, β from mixed effects regression. B. Base pair positional comparison of selection signals and CAD genetic risk across BCAS3. Blue points, CAD log odds values; grey-orange or non-significant-significant points, iHS scores. Horizontal bar shows BCAS3 gene (and intron) span and location of lead index SNP. Blue/orange lines are smoothed lines estimated with loess function in R. C. LD plots, r2. Populations: CEU, Utah residents with ancestry from northern and western Europe from the CEPH collection; YRI, Yoruba from Ibadan, Nigeria.

Fig 2