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Host-Pathogen Coevolution and the Emergence of Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies in Chronic Infections

Fig 2

Effect of selection on immune-virus binding affinity.

The stationary mean binding affinity, rescaled by antibody binding diversity (), on the y-axis, is well approximated by the scaled selection difference between antibody and viral populations, Δsav, as predicted by our analysis (eq (6)). Points show results of Wright-Fisher simulations, and the solid line has slope 1. Note that the mean binding affinity is insensitive to the details of heterogeneous binding accessibilities, κi, associated with an antibody lineage. Accessibilities κi are drawn from several different Γ-distributions, shown in legend. Small deviations from the predicted mean binding are caused by higher moments of binding affinities, which can also be understood analytically (S1 Fig). Simulation parameters are detailed in the Materials and Methods.

Fig 2