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3’UTR Shortening Potentiates MicroRNA-Based Repression of Pro-differentiation Genes in Proliferating Human Cells

Fig 2

miRNA binding sites located 5’ to APA sites are probably selected for miRNA targeting.

(A) Conservation profile of 30 bases around conserved miRNA binding sites which are located in the 300 bases 5’ to APA sites. Two conservation scoring systems are displayed—PhastCons and PyhloP. (B,C,D) PCT conservation scores (B) and Context++ scores (C,D) of miRNA binding sites located 300 bases 5’ or 3’ (before and after) APA sites, for genes with at least 500 nucleotides from each side of the APA site. For the context++ scores the miRNA binding sites are divided to conserved (C) and non-conserved (D).

Fig 2