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Genome-Wide Association Study with Targeted and Non-targeted NMR Metabolomics Identifies 15 Novel Loci of Urinary Human Metabolic Individuality

Fig 2

Manhattan plot of genetic associations to targeted and non-targeted traits.

SNPs are plotted according to chromosomal location and the-log10 transformed P-value of the strongest association with targeted traits (top) and non-targeted traits (bottom). In case of associations with ratios, only associations with P-gain exceeding 15,180 (targeted metabolic traits) or 138,610 (non-targeted traits) were considered. Associations of genome-wide significance (P < 3.25×10−12) are plotted in red. Triangles indicate associations with P < 1.0×10−100. Significant associations within a physical distance of 1 Mb were assigned to a locus labeled after the most likely causative gene (as determined using an evidence-based approach for the identification of candidate genes; see Methods).

Fig 2