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Analysis of the Relationships between DNA Double-Strand Breaks, Synaptonemal Complex and Crossovers Using the Atfas1-4 Mutant

Fig 1

Atfas1-4 does not show cytological meiotic alterations.

(A-H) Chromosome spread preparations from WT and (I-P) Atfas1-4 PMCs. (A, I) Leptotene. (B, J) Pachytene. (C, K) Diplotene. (D, L) Metaphase I. Five ring bivalents in WT and four ring bivalents in Atfas1-4. (E, M) Anaphase I. (F, N) Prophase II. (G, O) Metaphase II. (H, P) Anaphase II. Bars = 5 ┬Ám.

Fig 1