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Genetic Changes to a Transcriptional Silencer Element Confers Phenotypic Diversity within and between Drosophila Species

Fig 3

Variable abdominal pigmentation phenotypes within D. auraria uniquely correlate with ebony expression.

(A-D) Abdominal phenotypes of dark (A, B), and light strains (C, D). (E-P) in situ hybridizations to visualize the accumulation of yellow, tan, or ebony mRNA in the PM strain (E, I, M), TUY21 (F, J, N), A541 (G, K, O), and 00 (H, L, P). While yellow and tan are similarly expressed among light and dark strains, ebony is absent in the midline of dark strains (M, N), and expressed evenly throughout the A6 tergite of light strains (O, P). Further information on strains is available in Table 1 and S1 Table.

Fig 3