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Eliminating Both Canonical and Short-Patch Mismatch Repair in Drosophila melanogaster Suggests a New Meiotic Recombination Model

Figure 4

Noncrossovers from Xpc; Msh6 mutants.

At the top is a schematic of the rosy locus and the location of the mutant alleles used for purine selection (see Figure 3 and Materials and Methods). Each pair of lines below the scale represents the two strands of an independent noncrossover recombinant chromosome (red, sequence from ry531 chromosome; blue, sequence from ry606 chromosome). Markers used to map hDNA tracts are indicated with lollipops on the scale bar and white lines on the recombinants. Tract ends are shown as the halfway point between the last marker included in the tract and the first marker not in the tract. The two tracts at ry606 that contain only a single marker were not included in the trans/cis analysis. Asterisks indicate tracts with trans hDNA.

Figure 4