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Genome-Wide Patterns of Genetic Variation within and among Alternative Selective Regimes

Figure 6

FST values for each treatment in different regions.

We screened for the χ-sites above with πini>0.4 and divided them into five recombinationally independent regions of the genome. For weakly differentiated sites (d<0.3, Figure 6A), There is significant variation among treatments in FST values with Temp being highest among them (F3,16 = 6.72, P = 0.0038). The Temp has significantly higher FST than Spatial (Padj = 0.002). The difference between Temp and the two constant treatments are marginally non-significant (Temp vs. Salt: Padj = 0.084; Temp vs. Cad: Padj = 0.087). For highly differentiated sites (d>0.7, Figure 6B), the FST values do not significantly differ among treatments (F3,16 = 1.16, P = 0.35). For both weakly and highly differentiated sites, the treatments do not differ in expected total heterozygosity (HT) (F3,16 = 1.02, P = 0.41, Figure 6C; F3,16 = 1.59, P = 0.23, Figure 6D).

Figure 6