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Genome-Wide Patterns of Genetic Variation within and among Alternative Selective Regimes

Figure 5

Mean π within treatments as function of differentiation (d) between the ancestral source populations (AC and AS).

(A) and (B) The average π across different levels of ancestral differentiation for (A) all χ-site SNPs or (B) only those χ-site SNPs that have high initial diversity (πini>0.4). The x-axis is the allele frequency difference between ancestral populations, d = |pACpAS|. Error bars represent the standard error among the five replicates for each treatment. (C) and (D) Comparison among treatments in average π for sites that have high initial diversity (πini>0.4) using sites with (C) weak ancestral differentiation (d<0.3) or (D) strong ancestral differentiation (d>0.7). For the weakly differentiated sites (C), Spatial has significantly higher diversity than the Temp (Padj = 0.006, Tukey HSD) and the Salt (Padj = 0.028). For the highly differentiated sites (D), both Spatial and Temp treatments have significantly higher diversity than the two constant treatments (Padj<0.03 between any a & b pairs).

Figure 5