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Genome-Wide Patterns of Genetic Variation within and among Alternative Selective Regimes

Figure 4

Average diversity (π) within experimental populations across the genome.

Each point represents the mean π across the common sliding windows (including non-variable sites) for each population. Though ancestral populations are shown for reference, we are primarily interested in the mean diversity (π) among the four treatments that were created by crossing AC and AS. There is significant variation among the four treatments (F3,16 = 9.68, P = 0.0007). The “b” group is significantly higher than the “a” group based on ANOVA Tukey HSD test. Spatial has significantly higher diversity than the Temp (Padj = 0.0006, Tukey HSD), the Salt (Padj = 0.026) and the Cad (Padj = 0.0036).

Figure 4