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VIB1, a Link between Glucose Signaling and Carbon Catabolite Repression, Is Essential for Plant Cell Wall Degradation by Neurospora crassa

Figure 6

Screen for function of new proteins involved in CCR.

(A) Growth assays of the WT, Δvib-1, Δcre-1, Δcol-26, ΔcreB, and ΔcreD strains on 2-deoxy-glucose (2-DG) when grown on 2% cellobiose VMM for 2 days or on 2% Avicel VMM for 4 days. (B) Effects of col-26 and cre-1 deletions on sensitivity to 2-DG and allyl alcohol. Strains were inoculated and grown in 2% cellobiose VMM with 100 mM allyl alcohol for 40 hrs. For 2-DG sensitivity tests, the strains were inoculated and grown in 2% Avicel with either 0.2% 2-DG or 0.5% 2-DG for 5 days.

Figure 6