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VIB1, a Link between Glucose Signaling and Carbon Catabolite Repression, Is Essential for Plant Cell Wall Degradation by Neurospora crassa

Figure 3

Constitutive expression of clr-2 rescued the cellulase production defect of the Δvib-1 mutant.

(A) Protein concentration and cellulase activity in a Δvib-1 mutant versus a Δvib-1 strain constitutively expressing clr-2 (Pc clr-2; Δvib-1) and WT and a Pc clr-2 strain under Avicel conditions. (B) Expression levels from RNA-seq data of genes encoding major classes of CAZy proteins from WT and Δvib-1 shifted to Avicel versus the Pc clr-2 and Pc clr-2; Δvib-1 strains shifted to minimal media with no carbon source. FPKM (Fragment Per Kilobase per exon per Megabase mapped) for individual genes were averaged between three biological replicates and pooled by CAZy class. (C) Hierarchical clustering of FPKM for 91 Avicel-regulon genes in the Δvib-1 mutant and WT on Avicel (Av) and the Δvib-1, WT, Pc clr-2 and the Pc clr-2; Δvib-1 strains switched to no carbon conditions (Nc). Results are displayed as heat maps with log (FPKM) from minimum (bright blue) to maximum (bright yellow).

Figure 3