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VIB1, a Link between Glucose Signaling and Carbon Catabolite Repression, Is Essential for Plant Cell Wall Degradation by Neurospora crassa

Figure 2

Deletion of vib-1 abolishes production of cellulases and utilization of cellulosic material.

(A) Growth of WT and Δvib-1 on Avicel after 4 days; growth of WT is indicated by formation of orange mycelia, versus no growth of the Δvib-1 mutant. (B) Cellulase activity from 4-day old culture supernatants from Avicel-grown cultures of WT, the Δvib-1 mutant, the Pvib-1 strain (constitutive expression of vib-1 in a Δvib-1 strain) and the PTrvib1 strain (constitutive expression of T. reesei vib1 in a Δvib-1 strain). Cellulase activity was measured using Avicel as a substrate and represented by the amount of glucose and cellobiose released. The equivalent of glucose from cellobiose was calculated and represented by the light gray bar. (C) The secretomes of strains analyzed in panel B are shown.

Figure 2