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VIB1, a Link between Glucose Signaling and Carbon Catabolite Repression, Is Essential for Plant Cell Wall Degradation by Neurospora crassa

Figure 1

Cellulase production in N. crassa is regulated by cellobiose induction and CCR.

CCR is decreased in absence of glucose, allowing scouting enzymes to liberate cellobiose from cellulose. Cellobiose (or a derivative) results in activation of the transcription factor CLR1, which induces expression of transporters for cellodextrins, β-glucosidases, and clr-2. Production of the transcription factor CLR2 drives cellulase gene expression. Both intracellular and extracellular β-glucosidase enzymes catalyze conversion of cellobiose to glucose, which can trigger carbon catabolite repression via glucose sensing mechanisms and transcriptional repression by CRE1.

Figure 1