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The Coding and Noncoding Architecture of the Caulobacter crescentus Genome

Figure 6

Complex regulation of C. crescentus operons.

A. Classical ribosomal protein operon containing rpmI & rplT. B. Polarity with decreased RNA read density at the 3′ CDSs in the CCNA_00161-4 operon. C. Transcription attenuation through the ivlL leader CDS to regulate expression of the ilvIH operon. D. Alternative TSS in the rbfA truB rpsO operon can drive differential CDS expression. E. Potential operon cleavage site between CCNA_03729 and CCNA_03730 by the presence of a 5′ monophosphate on the RNA. The higher RNA stability the CCNA_03729 RNA can allow higher 3′ gene expression levels.

Figure 6