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The Coding and Noncoding Architecture of the Caulobacter crescentus Genome

Figure 2

Mapping the C. crescentus coding DNA sequence architecture.

A. Mapping of the correct start codon for ftsA. Shown below are phase contrast images of cells containing a high copy plasmid with either the newly identified start codon (pBXftsA) or the old start codon (pBX-ftsAΔN1-18) grown in M2G before and after induction with xylose for 6 hours. Scale bar is 6.05 µm. B. Putative small leader CDS identified on the trpS mRNA. C. Ribosome profiling identification of an intergenic small CDS. D. Alternative translation initiation site identified in the CCNA_02448 mRNA allows translation of two in-frame protein isoforms. Internal start codon was verified by LC-MS.

Figure 2