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Deep Evolutionary Comparison of Gene Expression Identifies Parallel Recruitment of Trans-Factors in Two Independent Origins of C4 Photosynthesis

Figure 3

Convergence in patterns of gene expression in leaf gradients of C. gynandra and maize.

(A) Venn diagram indicating numbers of shared and unique transcripts to each type of C. gynandra leaf tissue. (B) Major bin categories identified using Wilcoxon test implemented in Pageman [55] tool that alter between the base, middle, tip of 3 mm and mature C. gynandra leaves. (C) Number of genes with ascending (red) and descending (grey) behaviours as leaves of C. gynandra (Cg) and maize (Zm) mature. (D) Venn diagrams depicting the total number of transcript homologues that increase or decrease in abundance as leaves of both C. gynandra and maize mature. The number of genes common to the two gradients is shown in blue, with the number of transcription factors shown in parentheses. Red circles and numbers correspond to genes that increase in abundance, while grey circles represent genes that show reduced abundance.

Figure 3