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Genomic View of Bipolar Disorder Revealed by Whole Genome Sequencing in a Genetic Isolate

Figure 4

Top linkage results from non-parametric and parametric linkage analysis.

Top linkage LOD scores for the three diagnostic schemes BPI, Narrow and BPS from the analysis of the extended pedigree and defined subpedigrees. Suggestive linkage (LOD>2.5) was observed for regions on A) 2p25.3-p25.1, B) 7q21.11-q31.33, C) 16p13.13-13.12 and D) 18p11.22-q12.1. The subset of nuclear families used in the analysis for each peak is shown in red in the nuclear family graph insets. Linkage on chromosomes 7 and 18 were observed using all 49 nuclear families, the peaks on chromosomes 2 and 16 were observed in subpedigrees NB4 and NB6 respectively.

Figure 4