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GC-Rich DNA Elements Enable Replication Origin Activity in the Methylotrophic Yeast Pichia pastoris

Figure 6

Sequence features of GC-ARSs.

(A) Average nucleotide frequencies around 107 GC-ARS sites (top) and twenty-eight non-ARS intergenic occurrences of the GC-ACS (bottom), centered on the best match of the GC-ACS. The nucleotide frequencies are calculated at all flanking regions around the motif independent of whether the flanking region is present in ARS contigs or cores. (B) The distribution of distances between the GC-ACS motif (in the orientation shown) and the TSS for adjacent genes transcribing away from the ARS with available TSS annotations. Distances to the 5′ side of the motif are shown in blue; distances to the 3′ side of the motif are shown in red. (C) The distribution of sequence lengths between the GC-ACS and the end of the inferred functional core region for each GC-ARS. The 5′ distance is indicated in blue; the 3′ distance is indicated in red. Numbers indicate the upper limit of the bin.

Figure 6