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Developmental Link between Sex and Nutrition; doublesex Regulates Sex-Specific Mandible Growth via Juvenile Hormone Signaling in Stag Beetles

Figure 6

Schematic view of developmental link between nutrition and sex via JH signaling for sex-specific exaggerated trait development in the stag beetle.

In addition to JH and Dsx, other possible factors were described which might be involved in integration of spatio-temporal information. Nutrition information is mediated by JH signaling and promote mandible enlargement in males. DsxM (CmDsxA and CmDsxB) might play a promoting role for JH-dependent mandible enlargement or recruiting other signaling pathway such as insulin signaling pathway (ISS). In females, DsxF (CmDsxC and CmDsxD) inhibit JH effect by reducing the JH sensitivity of mandible cell.

Figure 6