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Genome Sequencing Highlights the Dynamic Early History of Dogs

Figure 6

Copy number variation at amylase (AMY2B) locus.

(A) Copy number variation (CNV) at AMY2B estimated from whole genome sequence data, showing presence of elevated copy number in Basenji but not in other lineages. Results are based on SOLiD data, except for the Chinese wolf (see Text S6 for supporting results and Text S10 for CNV analyses in an additional 12 dog breeds). (B) qPCR results on CNV state in an expanded set of wolf and dog lineages. Abbreviations for lineages are: AFG, Afgan Hound; AFR, Africanis; AKI, Akita; BSJ, Basenji; BE, Beagle; BU, Bulldog, CAN, Canaan Dog; CU, Chihuahua; CC, Chinese Crested; FC, Flat-coated Retriever; GD, Great Dane; IH, Ibizan Hound; KUV, Kuvasz; MAS, Mastiff; NGS, New Guinea Singing Dog; PEK, Pekinese; PHU, Phu Quoc; SAL, Saluki; SAM, Samoyed; SCT, Scottish Terrier; SHA, Shar Pei; SIH, Siberian Husky; THD, Thai Dog; TOP, Toy Poodle; DNG, Dingo; CHW, Chinese wolf; INW, Indian wolf; ISW, Israeli wolf; ITW, Italian wolf; RUW, Russian wolf; SPW, Spanish wolf; YSW, Yellowstone wolf; GLW, Great Lakes wolf.

Figure 6