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A Global In Vivo Drosophila RNAi Screen Identifies a Key Role of Ceramide Phosphoethanolamine for Glial Ensheathment of Axons

Figure 7

Glial inhibition of lace delays afferent spike propagation.

(A) Scheme of thoracic and abdominal parts of a dissected larva, electrodes not to scale; ag abdominal ganglion mass, se1, re1 anterior suction electrode and reference electrode, se2, re2 posterior suction electrode and reference electrode. (B) Afferent unit (top) and efferent unit (bottom) recorded simultaneously in 7th right nerve of a repo>mCD8-GFP/+ control as sketched in (A). Spike templates were generated for se2 and served as trigger events for averaging both se1 and se2. Δt conduction time; bars 50 µV and 1 ms, respectively. (C) Distribution of conduction speed recorded in repo>mCD8-GFP/+ (white bars) and repo>mCD8-GFP/lace RNAi (black bars) animals from afferent (top) and efferent (bottom) units. Horizontal lines indicate medians and their 95% confidence interval of the respective distributions. Difference of medians: * p<0.05 (two-tailed), ns not significant. n number of neurons, recorded from 20 mutant and 9 control larvae.

Figure 7