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Dealing with the Evolutionary Downside of CRISPR Immunity: Bacteria and Beneficial Plasmids

Figure 3

CRISPR escapers accumulate deletions of the CRISPR/Cas region.

Schematic representation of the deletions on the S. epidermidis RP62a genome. Wild-type sequences are shown in green, deletions mediated by IS431 in pink, by IS256 in yellow, by Tn554 in orange, by recombination between SERP2353 and SERP2491 (96% identical at the nt level) or SERP2409 and SERP2493 (98% identical at the nt level) in light blue or brown, respectively, and by the excision of the SCCmec cassette in violet. Numbers represent genomic coordinates in kb.

Figure 3