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The Highly Prolific Phenotype of Lacaune Sheep Is Associated with an Ectopic Expression of the B4GALNT2 Gene within the Ovary

Figure 5

B4GALNT2 transferase activity revealed by DBA lectin after in vitro overexpression of B4GALNT2 in ovine granulosa cells.

Primary ovine granulosa cells from +/+ small antral follicles were transiently transfected with either the pCDNA-hB4GALNT2 expressing the human form of B4GALNT2 or the empty pCDNA3.1 vector. Twenty-four hours after transfection, cells were stained with biotinylated-DBA lectin (500 ng/ml). Arrows indicated DBA positive staining only in B4GALNT2 transfected cells. Cells were counterstained with hematoxylin. A black bar indicates the microscopy magnification scale.

Figure 5