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The Highly Prolific Phenotype of Lacaune Sheep Is Associated with an Ectopic Expression of the B4GALNT2 Gene within the Ovary

Figure 1

Map of the FecL locus on ovine chromosome 11.

The genes are indicated above the line, markers are indicated by points under the line. The FecL locus (197 kb on OARv3.1, or 194.6 kb, our own sequencing) is flanked by the two closest recombinant markers, g.36910171T>C and g.37107627G>C. Recombinants: white box, zero-recombinant zone; gray boxes, zone with one recombinant; black boxes, at least two recombinants with FecL. N: no Allele sharing between wild-type and carrier animals for the FecLL allele.

Figure 1