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Comparative Oncogenomic Analysis of Copy Number Alterations in Human and Zebrafish Tumors Enables Cancer Driver Discovery

Figure 1

Gene-based frequency and Q-value profiles for gains and losses over the 25 zebrafish chromosomes.

Gains and losses are shown in red (top) and blue (bottom). Frequencies (left y-axis, pale red/blue shading) are displayed with respect to a cutoff of 0.2 as used for the GISTIC analysis. GISTIC Q-values (right y-axis, bold red/blue lines) are displayed as −log10-transformed only above a value of 0.6 used as cutoff (corresponding to an untransformed Q-value of 0.25). We did not evaluate gene data for the large portion on chromosome 4 that is characterized by high repeat and GC content (*), and accordingly it is only partially shown.

Figure 1