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Genomic Analysis of Natural Selection and Phenotypic Variation in High-Altitude Mongolians

Figure 5

A) Number of variants shared between Tianjiao1 and CGI54 panel individuals. CGI54 panel individuals were grouped by populations, and the mean number of shared variants and standard deviation for each population are shown. Population code: CHB: Han Chinese; JPT: Japanese; GIH: Gujarati; PUR: Puerto Rican; MXL: Mexican-American; TSI: Tuscan; CEU: Utah residents (CEPH) with Northern and Western European ancestry; MKK: Maasai; ASW: African-American; YRI: Yoruba; LWK: Luhya. B) Neighbor-joining tree of Tianjiao1 and the CGI54 panel individuals. The bootstrap value for each branch is shown.

Figure 5