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Alu Elements in ANRIL Non-Coding RNA at Chromosome 9p21 Modulate Atherogenic Cell Functions through Trans-Regulation of Gene Networks

Figure 6

Validation of ANRIL-associated cellular effects in primary cells and schematic of molecular scaffolding by ANRIL.

(A) PBMC from carriers of the Chr9p21 CAD-risk allele defined by rs10757274, rs2383206, rs2383297, and rs10757278 (n = 8) showed increased adhesion (P = 0.001) and (B) decreased apoptosis (P = 0.008) compared to cells of carriers of the protective allele (n = 8). (C) Schematic of molecular scaffolding by ANRIL mediated through potential chromatin-RNA interaction by Alu motifs.

Figure 6