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Integrative “Omics”-Approach Discovers Dynamic and Regulatory Features of Bacterial Stress Responses

Figure 5

Correlation between global approaches.

Scatter-plots represent pairwise comparisons of log2 ratios between (A) transcriptome (Total 90/0 min) and translatome (Poly 90/0 min), (B) proteome (SILAC 90/0 min) and transcriptome, (C) proteome and translatome. Number (n), Pearson correlation (r), and squared correlation (r2) of shared features are given for every comparison. It is indicated for up-regulated (log2 ratio ≥0.8) and down-regulated (log2 ratio ≤−0.8) features whether changes are unidirectional (log2 ratio difference between approaches <0.4, green spots) or biased (log2 ratio difference ≥0.4, red spots). (D) Functional grouping of genes that were newly identified to be stress-responsive by the integrative approach. For a complete list of genes and information on their function see Table S5.

Figure 5