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High-Resolution Transcriptome Maps Reveal Strain-Specific Regulatory Features of Multiple Campylobacter jejuni Isolates

Figure 4

Small RNAs in Campylobacter jejuni.

(A) (Left) Left and right flanking genes and orientation of sRNA candidates in C. jejuni NCTC11168. Arrows indicating the genes are not drawn to scale. Small RNA candidates were termed “CJncXXX” and numbered in steps of ten according to their genome position. (Right) Expression analysis of the housekeeping and candidate sRNAs during different growth phases in the four C. jejuni strains. Specifically, total RNA (15 µg per lane) was extracted at mid-exponential (E), stationary (S), and overnight (O) growth phase and analyzed by Northern blot using labeled DNA probes complementary to the sRNAs (see Table S14). The blots were probed for the housekeeping 5S rRNA as loading control. Note that the oligonucleotide probe for CJnc170 does not detect the homolog in strain RM1221 due to point mutations. (B) Genomic locations and Northern blots for sRNA candidates in the pVir and pTet plasmids of C. jejuni strain 81–176.

Figure 4