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High-Resolution Transcriptome Maps Reveal Strain-Specific Regulatory Features of Multiple Campylobacter jejuni Isolates

Figure 2

Transcriptome features of multiple C. jejuni strains.

(A) Venn diagram showing the overlap among detected TSS between the four C. jejuni strains. The total numbers of TSS that were detected in each strain are indicated in brackets. TSS detected in single strains are marked by circles. See also Table 2. (B) Motif searches in the −50 to +1 sequences upstream of the 8,019 detected TSS in all four C. jejuni strains reveal promoter consensus sequence motifs for the three sigma factors, σ70 (RpoD), σ28 (FliA), and σ54 (RpoN). The numbers of sequences which contain the motif are indicated as well as the distances to the associated TSS. (C) dRNA–seq reads mapped to the SuperGenome between the murC and dapE genes in the four strains. In three strains, the cjeI gene is inserted together with a TSS (red arrow) for transcription of the downstream genes.

Figure 2