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High-Resolution Transcriptome Maps Reveal Strain-Specific Regulatory Features of Multiple Campylobacter jejuni Isolates

Figure 1

Differential RNA–seq and SuperGenome-based annotation of transcriptional start sites.

(A) cDNA reads of −/+TEX libraries for the four C. jejuni strains were mapped to the SuperGenome, generated by whole genome alignment. All y-axes were set to same scale. Horizontal bars at the top and bottom indicate the highly variable LOS (lipooligosaccharide modification), FLA (flagellin modification), and CPS (capsule) gene loci as well as the integrated genome elements (CMLP1, CJIE2, CJIE3, and CJIE4) for strain RM1221. (B) Example region in the SuperGenome with mapped dRNA–seq reads of −/+TEX libraries of the four strains. TSS are indicated by black arrows. Red and blue arrows indicate an internal TSS within kpsM, which is missing in two of the strains, and a primary TSS which was only detected in strain 81116, respectively. All y-axes were set to same scale, which reflects a relative expression score. Note that gene CJE1630 (dotted arrow) is only annotated in RM1221 and that homologs of Cj1456c (white arrows) have different lengths in the four strains.

Figure 1