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Transposable Elements Are Major Contributors to the Origin, Diversification, and Regulation of Vertebrate Long Noncoding RNAs

Figure 3

Examples of lncRNAs with embedded TEs.

Genomic DNA is represented as a grey line, transcripts are represented by a black line, with arrows showing sense of transcription and in grey boxes the exons of the mature transcript. TEs as colored boxes (orange-red: DNA TEs. Yellow: SINEs. Pink-purple: LTR/ERVs. Green: LINEs). Only TEs overlapping with lncRNA exons are represented. See also Table S2 for details of TEs in these lncRNAs. A. BANCR [79]. B. lnc-RoR [41]. Apes = gibbon, gorilla, orangutan, bonobo, chimpanzee, human. C. lnc-ES3 [43].

Figure 3