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RNAi–Based Functional Profiling of Loci from Blood Lipid Genome-Wide Association Studies Identifies Genes with Cholesterol-Regulatory Function

Figure 1

Functional profiling of lipid-trait/CAD/MI associated genes by cell-based RNAi.

(A) Workflow of this study. (B,C) Profiling of lipid-trait associated genes for a cholesterol-regulating function in cells was performed by monitoring LDL-uptake (upper panels) and free perinuclear cholesterol (FC; lower panels) in siRNA-knockdown cells (for details, see [30]). Shown are automatically acquired images of Hela-Kyoto cells cultured and reverse siRNA transfected on cell microarrays for 48 h with control siRNAs (B) or indicated siRNAs targeting selected candidate genes increasing (red) or decreasing (blue) typical cellular phenotypes (C; see Figure 2 and Materials and Methods for details). Arrows denote selected compartments representative for respective heatmaps (see text). Bars = 20 µm.

Figure 1