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JNK-Interacting Protein 3 Mediates the Retrograde Transport of Activated c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase and Lysosomes

Figure 9

Model of Jip3's role in retrograde transport of lysosomes and pJNK.

Our data support a model in which Jip3 (green star) serves as a necessary adapter for retrograde transport of pJNK (yellow hexagon) and lysosomes (red oval). This interaction serves to attach these cargoes to the dynein motor complex and, in the case of lysosomes, likely requires interaction with dynein light intermediate chain (DLIC). Global retrograde transport initiation is unaffected with loss of Jip3 as dynein heavy chain, dynactin and other dynein cargos (late endosomes and autophagosomes) do not accumulate in jip3nl7 mutant axon terminals.

Figure 9