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SOX2 Co-Occupies Distal Enhancer Elements with Distinct POU Factors in ESCs and NPCs to Specify Cell State

Figure 1

SOX2 binds promoters with cell-type-specific functions in ESCs and NPCs.

(A) Heat maps of SOX2 enrichment in ESCs and NPCs centered on peaks of enrichment and extended 4 kb in each direction. (B) Gene plots showing SOX2 density at Nanog, Erg2, Hdac9, and Rlim in ESCs (blue) and in NPCs (red). y-axis corresponds to reads per million. Genomic positions reflect NCBI Mouse Genome Build 36 (mm8). (C, D) GOstat gene ontology analysis of genes linked to SOX2 bound TSSs. x-axis corresponds to negative log base ten p-value of enrichment of genes in target list compared to a whole genome background set. (E, F) Box and Violin plots representing expression data from Affymetrix arrays of genes linked to SOX2 target TSSs. y-axis corresponds to percentile expression rank, * denotes p-value<0.01, Student's T-test, two tailed.

Figure 1