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Systems Genetic Analysis of Osteoblast-Lineage Cells

Figure 3

Maged1 and Pard6g are expressed in osteoblasts.

(A) Maged1 and Pard6g are expressed in multiple mouse tissues and cell-lines including primary calvarial osteoblasts (outlined in red). The data are from a microarray experiment of tissues and cell lines (tissues and primary cell lines from C57BL6/J mice) and are the meanĀ±SEM of three biological replicates [29]. Images were downloaded and modified from BioGPS ( [65]. The expression of (B) Maged and Pard6g, (C) Sp7, (D) Akp2, (E) Bglap and (F) Ibsp expression as a function of differentiation in primary calvarial osteoblasts (P = 0.03 for Maged1 and Pard6g and P<0.001 for all other genes). The data represent meanĀ±SEM (N = 4 at each timepoint).

Figure 3