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Faster-X Evolution of Gene Expression in Drosophila

Figure 1

Faster-X evolution of gene expression.

Pairwise correlations of gene expression are shown for genes on each chromosome arm, using expression measurements from (A) females or (B) males. In each graph, the solid horizontal line is the genome-wide correlation, and the dashed lines are the 95% confidence interval (CI). Each point represents the correlation for a chromosome arm, and the error bars are the 95% CI. Chromosome arms are represented with their Muller element nomenclature. Muller element A is is the X chromosome (red), and Muller element D is the D. pseudoobscura neo-X chromosome. Species names were abbreviated as follows: mel = D. melanogaster, yak = D. yakuba, ana = D. ananassae, pse = D. pseudoobscura, moj = D. mojavensis, vir = D. virilis.

Figure 1