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Phylogenetic and Transcriptomic Analysis of Chemosensory Receptors in a Pair of Divergent Ant Species Reveals Sex-Specific Signatures of Odor Coding

Figure 3

Phylogenetic relationships of Hymenoptera Gr genes.

A maximum-likelihood tree of hymenopteran Gr genes estimated by using RAxML with Le-Gascuel (LG) model. Reliability of internal nodes was evaluated by 100 bootstrap replicates. Grey round dots indicate well-supported subfamilies (bootstrap value ≥80). Bootstrap values ≥70 are shown for relationships among subfamilies. Subfamilies showing interesting evolutionary patterns are named after the orthologs in N. vitripennis and A. mellifera. The other subfamilies are named as AH. Grs in different species are color-coded as following: N. vitripennis, black; A. mellifera, purple; H. saltator, blue; L. humile, yellow; P. barbatus, green; and C. floridanus, red.

Figure 3