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A Combinatorial Amino Acid Code for RNA Recognition by Pentatricopeptide Repeat Proteins

Figure 5

Gel Mobility Shift Assays Validating Amino Acid Codes for Specifying PPR Binding to A, G, C, or U.

(A) Summary of rPPR10 variants. The same amino acids at positions 6 and 1′ were introduced into the sixth and seventh PPR motifs in PPR10, whose wild-type sequences are shown above. The RNAs used for binding assays are shown below. (B) Gel mobility shift assays with the wild-type RNA, or variants with nucleotides four and five substituted with either GG, AA, UU, or CC. (C) Binding curves of the NN, ND, and NS PPR10 variants with the UU and CC substituted RNAs.

Figure 5