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Pregnancy-Induced Noncoding RNA (PINC) Associates with Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 and Regulates Mammary Epithelial Differentiation

Figure 2

mPINC rises specifically in the luminal compartment during pregnancy and is enriched in luminal and alveolar progenitors of the mammary gland.

(A–C) RNA was isolated from FACs sorted mammary populations including, virgin luminal (VL) and basal (VB) as well as pregnant luminal (PL) and basal (PB). (A) qPCR showed Krt8 expression was enriched in the luminal populations (VL and PL), (B) Krt14 was enriched in the basal populations (VB and PB) and (C) mPINC was enriched in the pregnant luminal population, (D–F) MECs were FACs sorted into luminal and basal populations using CD24 and CD29. The luminal population was selected and further sorted into mature luminal (ML), luminal progenitors (LP), and alveolar progenitors (AP) using CD14 and ckit. (D) FACs dot plots showing CD24 and CD29 (left panel) as well as CD14 and ckit (right panel) from virgin MECs. (E) qPCR showed Ly6a and Wnt4 enriched in the ML population and Elf5 in the LP population thus verifying the purity of each population. (F) mPINC was enriched in the luminal progenitors and alveolar progenitors. Data represent mean ±SD (n = 3). Target genes were normalized to Gapdh.

Figure 2