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Gustatory Perception and Fat Body Energy Metabolism Are Jointly Affected by Vitellogenin and Juvenile Hormone in Honey Bees

Figure 1

Single and double gene knockdown mediated by RNAi.

For validation, RNA was obtained from the fat body tissue of 7-day old bees (Mean ± s.e., n = 21–22). The abbreviations vg-, usp-, vg-/usp- and gfp indicate vg single knockdown, usp single knockdown, vg and usp double knockdown, and gfp control, respectively. By vg RNAi, vg expression was significantly reduced without a change in usp. By usp RNAi, usp was significantly reduced without change in vg. Both vg and usp transcripts were reduced by vg and usp double knockdown and the reduction of usp in double knockdowns was bigger than with the single usp. Different letters above bars denote significant differences between treatment groups (p<0.05).

Figure 1