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Functional Centromeres Determine the Activation Time of Pericentric Origins of DNA Replication in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Figure 1

A schematic diagram of chromosome XIV in wild-type (WT) and rearranged strains.

(A) In the WT strain, the BglII restriction site in MET2 is located 8.5 kb to the left of ARS1410. Centromere XIV resides in its endogenous position located 6.8 kb to the left of ARS1426. (B) In the rearranged strain the endogenous centromere was replaced with a URA3 selectable marker while a functional centromere was integrated along with LEU2 (open box) into the MET2 locus such that the centromere was positioned ∼11.5 kb from ARS1410. The white and black arrowhead above each centromere indicates the direction of the centromere DNA elements CDEI, CDEII, CDEIII.

Figure 1